Will Chris Brown keep his cool for the Grammy’s?

10 februari 2012 om 14:38 door Romina McGuinness/Metro World News
Will Chris Brown keep his cool for the Grammy’s?

Things between Chris Brown and Rihanna have more than cooled down (they follow each other on Twitter and feed rumors about their possible reconciliation via cryptic tweets) but what happened is far from forgotten. Although the restraining order requiring him to stay 50 yards from the singer (10 at industry events) has been lifted, he is still under a five-year probation for the violent attack that left Rihanna bruised and bloodied.

Known for having a hot temper and acute sensitivity at the mention of the Rihanna episode, it’s no wonder all eyes will be fixed on Brown’s every move this weekend. If she can forgive and forget, is it okay for her fans to still hold a grudge? We ask Anger Management expert Shannon Munford what to expect on the night:

How should Brown behave to hush the critics?
“The press knows that they can pull the trigger and expect a reaction from him so the best he can do on the night is his job, and that is to be an entertainer. It’s an emotional part of his life and he’s so high strung about the incident that it’s obviously still an issue for him. He needs to be present and perform.
His challenge will be the media and reporters looking for a reaction and his response will be critical. He needs to keep his tone down and be prepared for the eventuality that questions regarding Rihanna will come at him.”

Is his presence a risk for Rihanna?
“No, but it will be for his career. It’s a risk he needs to take and hopefully he will get through it ok. A lot of it is down to maturity and humility. He needs to humble himself to a place where he can change things about himself he knows are wrong.”

Rihanna seems to be the most forgiving of the incident. Is this healthy?
“She will never be able to forget what happened but she has to forgive him or she will carry this burden within her on to future relationships. He also needs to forgive himself, which he doesn’t seem to have done yet.”

How should Rihanna behave?
“When the media senses someone is lying they get under their skin to get the truth so people need to be genuine. If they have a relationship they should be honest about the fact she has moved on and she shouldn’t ignore him. When the media senses someone is lying they get under their skin to get the truth so people need to be genuine.”

Why are people still interested in what happened? If they have moved on shouldn’t everyone else?
“Some people believe people can’t change – I don’t. I have worked with couples that have been through the same situation as Brown and Rihanna that have reconciled after dealing with their separate issues. People love a train wreck but if ever they got back together, they could prove that things and people can change. It would be the ultimate Valentine’s love story.”

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