How Emma Got a Red Carpet Body

17 februari 2012 om 14:04 door Romina McGuinness

For all the jokes about plastic surgery and dangerously thin actresses, many celebrities today look toned and tight because of one thing: They exercise regularly. And they work hard at it. See for yourself February 26th, on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Sure to be there is Emma Stone, who’s “The Help” is nominated for Best Picture. We asked her personal trainer, Armando Alarcon, about her routine—and how you can emulate it.

Maximize your body 100% 
The first tip is to never single out one exercise. Full body training will make you use more muscle and burn calories. There’s no such thing as a shoulder press—it’s a step up to a shoulder press to a hop.
“The body does not move as one single entity,” says Alarcon. “Constantly change your routine with a mix of Pilates, basic weight lifting, Yoga and plyometrics combined into one so that the body changes as a whole rather than one particular muscle group.”

Identify, target and fix problem areas

When standing tall, a man will look stronger and a woman more elegant, but everyone has a problem area that is affecting overall posture. Identify these and bring the body back to its original state before building it back up again. The most common problem occurs when your chest pulls you forward and your back doesn’t have the strength to hold the shoulders back, rounding the shoulders and causing a squatted forward lean of the head. You need to focus on working the back muscles (Pilates is great). Doing so also flattens out the stomach and brings the chest and the shoulders back and down and correctly aligned with the head.

Weights don’t need to weigh you down
The celebs use weights-—well, light ones.
“Think of it this way: walking is good, jogging is better and sprinting is best,” says Alarcon. “Adding five-pound ankle or arm weights to any exercise is hard as heck but causes more of a burn as maximizes the effort and shortens the time needed to gain the maximum amount of muscle. You can go from doing 20 reps to 10-15 and get the exact same results,” he continues. “Adding muscle to the body also causes a better burn.”  

If it’s bad don’t eat it
Alarcon doesn’t believe in diets. Allow yourself to eat what you want to eat or you will crash.
His food rules are simple: If you think it’s bad, it probably is so don’t eat it.  If you think it’s too much, then don’t eat it all. Whatever your vice is, carbs, fat or salt, change it.
Then eat breakfast. Proteins. Vegetables and wanter. And a flat stomach will follow, which you can then tone up with abs exercises. Sounds like a lot of work? For proof, check out Emma this Sunday night.

Alarcon on Emma
“Emma is the perfect example of someone who controls her eating very well.  She doesn’t go on diets and does indulge once in a while but overall, she eats very little meat and fatty foods and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. And she does Pilates for tone.”

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